Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pilgrim's Rest M.B. Church

One of my favorite churches in the whole world is Pilgrim's Rest M.B. Church, located alongside the Louisiana levee between Delta and Mound. It's not used very much anymore, but I did stop and worship at the church one time last year. I entered the church when Sunday school was being conducted by a man for his two children and four other people. A special memory, for sure. That's the only time I have ever seen anybody else at the church, for it is in some serious need of some maintenance. I don't think the building can last much longer. It has some beautiful handmade pews in the little church and the choir loft is pictured at the top. The old piano has seen better days, but is still graceful in its own way. I have photographed the interior and exterior of the church for several years now and am honored to have done so.

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  1. Marty, these quaint country churches are some of my very favorites, and I'm so glad you got pictures of this one. I hope someone does something to save it.

    I'll never forget a man tearing down a church because he said it had become a bee hive. All you need is a bee keeper to coax the bees away. It can be done. In the wake of ignorance of, carlessness for, and apathy toward our antique architectural treasures, a beautiful little white clapboard Carpenter Gothic church became splinters and firewood. What a waste...