Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Country stores

I've run across some country stores while I have been out and about the past few weekends. The ones pictured here are closed down, but oh how I wish I could step inside them. In my mind, they would all be set up just like the stores I went to in my youth. That is a memory that is different for each of us, but we each have fond thoughts of those old stores and the people who made them what they are. The top two photos show Hoben's Store, lcoated at the corner of Old Hwy. 27 and Warriors Trail. Man, if that screen door could talk!
The third photo, of the Phillips 66 sign, is near Newellton, La. The store is gone now, but the gasoline sign has not had enough bullet holes put into it to kill it off just yet. The plastic signs of today just could not take an onslaught of bullets like this one has, now could they?
The bottom photos are of Po Boy Don's, a famous store located on Hwy. 602 south of Mound, La. It's situated on a beautiful little bayou that runs along the opposite side of the road and is featured in country singer Tim McGraw's "Down on the Farm" video. Folks down that way have to go a long way now for their Holsum bread.
I've been trying to find an old country store that has been closed for a while that I could go in and shoot some photos with the available light. I'll keep looking.

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  1. Marty, in my mind's eye I can see people sitting on the stoops of those stores like the ones I remember from childhood. And I see the drink boxes inside with cokes in the small glass bottles and jars of penny candy and probably some pickled pigs feet or those eggs that were pickled and in jars. Hoop cheese. Maybe even some yard goods for an apron or a quilt. And if those were in Louisiana, some cold Dixie Beer or Jax.