Friday, February 27, 2009

Capitol Street in black and white: 3 of 3

This concludes the posts of black and white photos. You will notice that this last shot is identical to one I shot in color that was posted last week. Next week I will post a shot similar to this in sepia. Each is a powerful photo to me, so I did one of each. Let me know if you prefer one over the other.
The straight-on shot of the Bon-Ton Cafe is a good photo in black and white. It didn't do anything for me in color, just looked like an old building. But the black and white image makes the forlornness — if that is the right word — of the scene so much more real. It's a sad picture in black and white. Kind of tells what's happening to downtowns all across America.
Next week we will explore the street in sepia tones or as some would call it, "antique." To me, they are the best shots I have taken of this street and have had a hard time waiting this long to show them to you.
Grab your own camera and go exploring this weekend! An added bonus by doing so is you can postpone that yardwork or housework for one more day! Those dusty baseboards or those yucky leaves will be there next week, but I can't say the same for that sunrise, sunset, flower, critter or whatnot that is waiting to be photographed! Enjoy God's Glory while you can!


  1. I love the black and white photos, Marty ... and can't wait to see the sepias of them.

    I hope your weekend is filled with lots of awesome photos ... but then, ALL of yours are truly works of art.



  2. Marty, that grate is amazing! I loved them all, but I really liked that one best. And I loved the contrast of the b & w of the building with the color. Like Janie, I'm looking forward to seeing the sepia image.

    Sheila :-)

  3. Marty,
    As usual more great photos. This batch is particularly interesting. As I told your wife recently, you truly are blessed with a gift.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Jon at Mississippi Garden