Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tucker Road in Warren County

The lake on Tucker Road that is split by the road is a gorgeous lake that I pass by often. The trees are too tucked around it to get a sunrise or sunset, but it is still quite picturesque. I am sure someone has told me the name of the lake, but I can't recall it now. I go real slow whenever I cross the bridge, much to the irritation of those driving behind me. The top photo was taken last year during the day and the bottom photo taken when a fog had rolled in. It was quiet that morning, very serene. 


  1. Marty ... I love the bottom picture with the fog. The lake looks like a sheet of frosted glass.

  2. That second photo reminds me of a group of painters from Florida who are now regionally famous. They're called the Highwayman School of Painting. They did a marvelous job capturing scenes very similar to that one, but in Florida. It's so neat!

    Sheila :=_