Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Here are four shots I have taken recently that I really enjoy, but they just haven't made it onto the blog yet.
• Do you ever notice the weather vane on top of the Old Court House Museum? Here it is with the full moon behind it. 
• The moon rises at dusk at the Louisiana Monument in the Vicksburg National Military Park. Most people don't see shots like this because they are usually traveling in the other direction and never turn around to see where they've been. There's a lesson there somewhere.
• The cross atop Mercy Chapel at the Southern Cultural Heritage Center is one of the prettiest sights in Vicksburg. The cross and the gable upon which its attached have weathered many a storm. I love the symmetry of this shot.
• The next time you venture to Windsor Ruins don't turn right when you leave the ruins. Instead, turn left and go about three miles to Bethel Presbyterian Church. This historic church is such a peaceful place to visit. The door has always been unlocked when I have ventured there and I love walking into the coolness of the sanctuary. It's simplicity is perfect for the soul. You can get close to God here. Nothing to interrupt you and Him. Spending time in one of the old wooden pews here in prayer can help solve many a problem. I know....

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  1. I can remember visiting there with my father as a child. Such a beautiful church, and of course, Windsor is a favorite place, too.

    Love the other photos as well, Marty.

    Sheila :-)