Monday, February 16, 2009

Capitol Street in color: 1 of 3

Today I am starting a series of photos I am currently taking in downtown Jackson.
• For three days this week, I will feature photos of Capitol Street in color.
• The week of Feb. 23 will feature three days of photos of Capitol Street in black and white. 
• The week of March 2 will feature two days of Capitol Street in sepia. 
• The following weeks will show other scenes from downtown Jackson, including some shots at the Capitol and Farish Street.

I am excited about this photo essay. Downtown Jackson, just like Vicksburg, is a treasure trove of wonderful photos. I am having a blast searching for the different angles and scenes that can tell the story best. Please pass this blog on to your Jackson friends or those who once lived there. I think they will enjoy this walk with us. Every other day I will be featuring Vicksburg shots.

I figure in a typical year I usually shoot about 17,000 to 18,000 photos. I will add about 400 of them to my portfolio. Since I have started this blog, however, my portfolio is constantly expanding. My goal, however, is not to give you mundane shots that you can see anywhere — photos I call tourist shots — but photos that present this part of the world I am planted in through a new perspective. This blog is really keeping me on my toes and making me constantly analyze the environment around me. And I am loving it! It's improving my photography and helping me develop new friendships that I otherwise would not have. Three guys from Brandon are coming over this weekend for a photo tour of Vicksburg with me. It is always fun to see Vicksburg from other people's perspective and I always learn something new about the places I go. 

Folks, we live in a photographic dream world here in Vicksburg and the surrounding area. Get out and start seeing some of God's Glory. It's all around us. Want proof? Look for the jonquils! Grab a camera and let's go shooting!

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  1. Wonderful photos, Marty. The shabiness that has happened to downtowns across this country is startling. I can remember how exciting going there once was. Through your photographer's eye, it could be again. Let's also hope this encourages preservation efforts...