Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Long may she wave...

I photograph the flag atop the Hwy. 80 bridge across the Mississippi River quite a lot. Like other subjects I shoot multiple times, however, I have never taken the same one twice. I like what our flag stands for and I am always proud when I see it flapping in the breeze.

The four photos here have been taken recently. 
• The top photo was taken during a fiery sunset. 
• The second photo is a different photo — it was taken of the flag at sunrise; the early morning sun gave it a whole new look. Usually I shoot the bridge at sunset when the flag is backlit. 
• The third photo is different for me, because the whole photo is pretty gray, except for the colors of the flag. It really stood out on this day.
• I love when cloud formations obscure part of the sunset. I can't resist taking a photo then. Throw in a fully unfurled flag and the picture is perfect!


  1. These are truly breathtaking and emotion-filled photos, Marty. I love the way the sunrise in the second shot is spotlighting the flag, as if to say, "Oh, say can you see, by the dawn's early light ..." Absolutely gorgeous and inspiring pictures, as always.



  2. I second those sentiments... long may she wave! Beautiful photographs, Marty, and a lovely way to start the day.


    Sheila :-)

  3. I "third" the remarks above. All of them are just wonderful. As I told your wife this morning, you have a rare gift and I thank you for sharing your photos on this new blog which I am enjoying very much. I was particularly impressed by the second photo of the flag in the morning sun. Like Janie, I immediately thought of our national anthem.

    Jon at Mississippi Garden