Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Down Claiborne County way

Here are some shots I stumbled upon while searching for the waterfall in my last two posts. 
Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist Church (the second photo) is abandoned now along Old Port Gibson Road. The pine trees are about to take it over. I peeked my head inside and saw Jesus, though! His picture on the back wall is all that remains in the building now. It put me in a quandary, however. Part of me hated to see the Jesus print stay in the church as nature slowly overtook the building. However, I couldn't quite picture myself stealing the picture of Jesus, either! I left it, hoping someone who actually went to the church at one time would eventually come back and take him to a better home. There's a deeper message here, however, and I am just going to have to mull it over for a while.

The old house and horse trailer were taken along Old Port Gibson Road. The tractors were in a shed along Curtis-Luster Road. They look better in this antique grayscale filter than they do in color, so I present it to you here. The last old house is on Midway Road. As I got closer, I saw the old bed near the front of one of the doors. It looks great in black and white as compared to its color counterpart.


  1. Marty, these are very touching photos. I think Jesus might just be watching over that building and is there to remind anyone who would stop by that even though the world might have passed by, He is eternal and remains constant!

    I'm glad you are getting pictures of some of these more primitive buildings. I think for many years photographers have concentrated on taking pictures of mansions and great architecture while the more humble structures were left to languish, uncaptured. I am a big believer that the simple things in life are as important as the grand.

    Sheila :-)

  2. What wonderful discoveries, Marty. I can understand your mixed emotions about leaving the Jesus picture in the abandoned church. Perhaps someone will come along and hang it in a place of honor in their home.

    I love the sepia and grayscale pictures ... it's amazing how much more impact it gives the photos.