Monday, April 20, 2009

Vicksburg National Military Park

Capt. Hickenlooper

Illinois Memorial

Illinois Memorial

I drove through the park on Saturday and shot the four shots you see above. I was excited about the photo of Capt. Hickenlooper because I had seen it a few days ago in the wrong kind of lighting and was glad to finally shoot it under the muted conditions early Saturday morning offered. 

I wanted to take a photo of the newly painted gates to the Vicksburg National Cemetery, but a park official told me I have to have a permit to get them to close the gates for a photograph. I still cannot fathom the depth of that bureaucracy, but it is what I will request. You need to see this gate. Volunteers painted it recently and it looks wonderful. 

Tomorrow I will show you the blessing I found in the Vicksburg National Military Park on Saturday!

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