Monday, April 27, 2009

State Capitol: Part 2

Here are some more photos taken of the State Capitol on my last few visits to Jackson. I wonder what the lions on the side of the building represent. Maybe they will come alive and eat the lawmakers who can't make the tough decisions this states needs made!


  1. Stunning pictures, Marty ... I love the flags with the eagle in the background.

  2. They are snarling at the rampant stupidity which reigns with some notable exceptions, of course. :-) Marty, I'm not sure what the building is called now, but the old "state office building" which is across the street from the capital has these flowers in relief on the building. They are the WRONG flowers. They are something like sunflowers instead of magnolias. The magnolias were shipped to some other state who has Mississippi's magnolias on their building. I don't know when it was built, but if it was during the depression, they probably couldn't afford to have it re-shipped or thought it was not worth the extra cost which likely would have bankrupted the companies. I wish I could remember the story I heard about it, but it is an interesting tale.