Friday, April 3, 2009

Freeland Cemetery

Tom Freeland, an attorney from Oxford, emailed me last week. He writes a blog called NMissCommentor,  http://nmisscommentor, and had linked to my blog post about the Sprague.  The photos above are from the Freeland Cemetery located on his family land near Windsor Ruins in Claiborne County. The cemetery is in the woods on top of an old Indian Mound and the builder of Windor is buried here. On the day I visited, it had started raining right before my fellow photographer friend Jerry Rushing and I got there. And I am so glad it did! It certainly made the colors of the old brick wall and leaves come alive! (Can I say that about a cemetery?) Anyhow, it's a beautiful place with history galore.


  1. How wonderful, Marty! You're right... the rain was your friend that day. Just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing. I feel like I've been there in person.

    Sheila :-)

  2. I have lots of memories of that place-- taking my daughter there when she was in her early teens and discovered so many names still in use among the family members. There's a whole series of Thomas Freelands, for instance (Thomas, Thomas Augustine...). One grave has the story of college student, died in the 1850s while at Amherst.

    thanks for the photos.

    Tom Freeland