Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jackson signage

I can't explain why, but I just like old signs, especially old neon signs. I always look for unique signage in my travels and hit upon a motherlode in my recent treks to Jackson. The finest old neon sign I have seen in a long time is the Redwood Court sign on Terry Road. Right below the sign is the Jackson manhole cover which I thought would be pretty neat. It's sideways because my shadow would have been over the manhole if I had taken from in front. The pictured looked stupid when I rotated it, so I just left it as is.

The Crechales sign should bring back a lot of memories for folks for I think every couple in Mississippi has eaten there at one time or the other. I don't know how they can pack so many people in such a tiny space. But it is worth it. 

The First Baptist Church sign may not really be called a sign. It's etched across their original sanctuary that resides right across the street from the state Capitol. It's so ornate, it is nearly too hard to read!

And I have seen the Horace Slay corvette all my life. I don't know if that is the same car that has always been up there, but it sure catches your eye. Not much business on that end of State Street anymore, however.

The Bel Air shopping center sign is on Hwy. 80 between Ellis Avenue and Terry Road. The Sun-n-Sand in downtown Jackson was home to many a legislator for many a year. It's a rather bleak sight now with the chainlink fence up all the way around the hotel.


  1. I love those old signs, too, Marty ... and the Crechale's sign reminds me of many happy occasions my family has celebrated there.

  2. Years ago, the Redwood Inn had good hamburgers as I recall. There was also a man who stood on Highway 80 (is it?) and sold peanuts not far from the Alamo Plaza. Crechale's was a popular favorite, and they had the best salad dressing EVER. Is it still open? I ate there years and years ago.