Monday, April 13, 2009

Sarepta Methodist Church

I went exploring in Claiborne County again this past weekend looking for another waterfall, this one on the Little Bayou Pierre. But first I detoured to the Sarepta Methodist Church, a beautiful little country church. This present building dates from about 1850 and is the last of five structures to house the church body. It was originally built for the Pisgah congregation, located near Hermanville, but was moved to the Sarepta site sometimes after WWI when Pisgash ceased to exist. In the 1800s, the building also served as a community school. 

Don't try to find the Sarepta community in Claiborne County on any present-day map. Because it no longer exists, just like Pisgah. You can google Sarepta and Claiborne County to find out a few more details about the church. All I know is that it was quiet and peaceful inside this little sanctuary.

I am beginning to see a trend here. Little country churches are simple structures, opening their doors to one and all who venture by. Their message is one of come on in and find God. Modern churches nowadays have too much invested in their fancy sound systems and lighting and computers to allow the doors to stay open 24/7. It's something to think about.

Come back each day this week. I will eventually make it to that waterfall and it is a wonderful place!


  1. Marty, thank you for sharing this beautiful little church with us. Your pictures captured its grace, and you can almost feel the presence of God within its walls. And I bet the music that comes from that old piano is as sweet, if not sweeter, than any that comes from the most expensive pipe organs.

    I look forward to the rest of your journey to the waterfall.