Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Nothing shows God's Glory more than a sweeping view of the afternoon sky. This was taken from Fort Hill recently.

A scene of downtown Vicksburg before sunrise. I used a tripod for this timed exposure. That's a passing car creating the blurred streaks in the photos.

The Minnesota Monument is due for a makeover in the park. I figured I better get a shot of her before she becomes all shiny and sleek again.

Holy Trinity on a foggy morning. The steeple just disappeared into the sky.

Have you ever been to Beulah Cemetery here in Vicksburg? It's a fascinating place. Easy access can be gained by parking at the General Tilghman statue in the Vicksburg National Military Park (the man and horse statue next to the Louisiana monument) and walking down the path behind the statue.

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  1. Marty, I always appreciate you mentioning interesting out-of-the-way places in and around Vicksburg. I love old cemeteries and I'm looking forward to visiting Beulah soon.

    Your photos are stunning, as always. I especially like the shot taken downtown.