Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Capitol Street in sepia: 2 of 2

I don't know the purpose of the running fire hydrant in the bottom photo. Besides me, that was the only other thing moving downtown when I took these photos. I have been shooting Farish Street and the State Capitol lately and will post some of them later on. 

I would have liked to have seen the Bon-Ton Cafe in its heyday. Bet it was a pretty place with plenty of character.  Sometimes I get tired of these restaurants nowadays that try to plaster their character on the walls and ceilings with old stuff, sports stuff, other stuff. Things on the wall don't give a place character, it's the people who work there, especially the owner. That's what's missing from most restaurants today. Gee, sepia pictures may make things look a little bit too gloomy. I got all melancholy all of a sudden!

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  1. The sepia photos may be gloomy-looking, Marty, but they're beautiful, too ... and the sepia tone is very appropriate for the subjects you chose. So many icons from the past that were truly one of a kind in their heyday.

    One of our favorite restaurants is the old Crechale's Restaurant on Hwy. 80 in Jackson, and I don't think it's changed in 40 years. Talk about character!