Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pink Dogwoods

If I had to choose a favorite flower it would have to be the pink dogwood bloom. I like the legend that comes with the dogwood tree. It makes it real, you know? Plus, pink dogwoods are just not found everywhere. I know of only four in this city. I keep my eyes open for them, but it is rare to find them. There are probably scores of others, but I have yet to find them in the countless miles I put in each year riding the roads in and around Vicksburg. And like the gingko tree and its beautiful yellow leaves, the dogwood does not stay in bloom for very long, making me appreciate its beauty even more.
The pink dogwood you see here is located on Washington Street across from Cedar Grove. I shoot photos of it each year and will go by it pretty much each day while it is in bloom just to look at it. It's God's Glory in its finest....and that's worth a trip to see.


  1. I've looked my eyes full of pink dogwoods this rainy morning, coming from Janie's photos to yours. I've MISSED the dogwoods and especially the crape myrtles since we moved from the Delta to the Heartland, and I love being able to just "click" and find the colors and the blossoms just the same as when I used to happen upon them on a walk in the woods.

    I haven't seen NEARLY all or nearly enough of your beautiful work, but did you know that one of the most beautiful blooms is the tiny blossom of the poison ivy? When photographed UP CLOSE to obscure the telltale leaves, even horticulturists are stumped. I'm always on the lookout for the stuff, and was delightfully surprised to see that it DOES have its virtues.

    Thanks for the brightening!!

  2. Hey Marty - I meant to comment on this much earlier but.... life is sometimes very busy. I, too, love the pink dogwood and kept my eye peeled for it this year as I wandered around town. I've found 6 and they're all fairly close together. The Washington Street one you photographed is nice but it's branches are kinda high. There's another good one on Drummond between Realty and Mulvihill that you probably know and, my personal favorite to photograph because of it's low branches, is on Polk Street. The new ones I found this year are a very large one on Prospect Street, a small one on Chambers St near Cherry and another half-way up Broadhill Dr. Add them to your list for next year!

    Great shots, by the way.