Friday, March 13, 2009

Old Cars

1940s Cadillac

Studebaker Wagonaire

Studebaker Wagonaire

1950s Chevrolet

1960s Fiat (with suicide doors)

I like taking photos of old cars. They are time machines to me. Here are some I took recently. I love the ornamentation that adorns old cars. They really have personality.


  1. Marty, these are so neat. I wonder what stories those cars can tell. I see stories in lots of inanimate objects. ;-) Great photos!

    Sheila :-)

  2. Hey! I was wondering if you had been to Rocky Springs lately? I was thinking of some places to take Anna during spring break. Also, I'd like to ask you how you get to Mint one attempt at that didn't go so well.
    Thanks for all the posts. I love to study your pictures.

  3. Hi Marty! I've been meaning to stop by ever since Janie first introduced you to us! She is absolutely right! You can see beauty through your photo lens where others would just say "junk"! You've turned these metal heaps into beautiful Art!! I'll never understand how people can just abandon cars like this! I'll never look at a junk car through the same old eyes again! Very interesting post! Have a great photo weekend!!! Sincerely, Jeannette