Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More from Money, Mississippi

The other day I posted about the famous store in Money, Miss. But that ol' store is not the only thing remaining in the town. On its left is this remnant of the old service station, complete with tire rim that has been turned into a air hose hanger. The ornamental point is right above that on the building. I don't know its purpose. The gas pumps are gone, but you can still get a good feel for how it used to be. On the right of the store is a gin. I don't know if it is still operational or not, but it, too, has seen better days. Right across the street is the railroad tracks. There is a church located behind the store.
What's the point for this post, you ask? There's not one. I just passed through this small Mississippi town and took some pictures. One day all the buildings will proabably be gone, but I will have my pictures to show my kids and grandkids for years and years to come. That's all.

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