Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hamilton Lake in Claiborne County

There are alligators in Hamilton Lake, but I did not think they would be amongst the lotus blooms and water lilies, but I was mistaken! This fella was discovered right in the thick of them. I am glad I spotted him.

I love the symmetry of the water lilies...perfect circles just floating in space!
Dragonflies are in abundance all around the lake. Here are some of them.

Here are some closeups of the lotus pods. Tell me God doesn't pay attention to detail!

Even in death, the water lilies are stunningly beautiful. There's a life lesson here that I am going to have to mull over for a while. Anyone else have any thoughts? I would love to hear them.


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  2. All that beautiful---so close to the fire.

    You had quite a lineup in your lens that day---a gator, the dragonflies (my favorite is the little magenta-eyed one, casting her iridescent gaze unafraid upon the new creature strayed into her realm), and the open flowers.

    Those are like looking into the sun, and I think the lotus dreams are founded in truth---you COULD fall right in.

    And the languid leaves gone to rust, as is only right---those colors of autumn are seldom seen where we're from, and I've never seen such display all in one. You've captured the cycle of all life, right there in that few hours of exploration. What a day of discovery you were privileged to experience!!

    Had you not already the great collection of wonders captured by your lens, this day would be enough. What a portfolio, all from one small place.

    PS I don't know what size you are posting the pictures in, as my knowledge of such things is NIL, but some will blow up to see the details, but most won't. Just getting that gator big enough to gaze into that unyielding eye---that's an experience, and I wish all your photos could be enjoyed so thoroughly, for the colors and the scenes are magnificent.

  3. Marty, Rachel always captures the heart and soul of your pictures with her eloquent words, just as you always so beautifully capture God's glory and presence in this world He created for us. What a gift you have, my friend.