Friday, September 18, 2009

The beauty of rust

Two of my other finds in my explorations around the old part of downtown Hattiesburg a couple of weeks ago was this Willys Jeep and steam locomotive. The jeep was tucked behind a building and the train is located at the train depot. Rust is taking its toll on the two vehicles.


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  2. Marty,

    The colors and siennas and ochres and umbers of rust are a palette all in themselves, and its power to erase the footsteps of people as it accrues---that's a boggling thing.

    We're an hour ahead of you, and I'm thinking of you all now, getting ready for the day---tying a tie, smoothing a skirt, gathering your things and your strength to go out the door together.

    You're all in my prayers, and a Grandma hug around your Sweet Girl, all day long.

  3. Love the beauty of rust...has a lot of character all its own.

  4. Man, I'm sorry I missed this shoot! Great shots

  5. I am simply crazy about your photo of the "Rusty Jeep'. You truly have the eye of an artist.