Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hercules Cafeteria in Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Think of Hattiesburg and the name Hercules will soon be mentioned. My aunt lived in Hattiesburg right near the plant and I can remember its sprawling grounds from my earliest childhood on our visits to that city. But what caught my eye the other day when I was exploring the town on an early Saturday morning was the now-unused cafeteria of the plant, located on a street right across from the Hercules factory. Could anyone please tell me what architectural style this building is? It almost looks like something Frank Lloyd Wright would design. Maybe modern? I don't believe it is Art Deco, but I could be wrong. It is a beautiful building that I hate is in such a state of disrepair.


  1. Probably Overstreet.

  2. This is what they call "streamline moderne". Typical features include ship-like references (porthole windows, railings), curved corners, sleek lines, minimal decoration. This building seems to be from the early 1940s. You can poke around online for other examples of the style. Or if you like, I have tons of buildings at my site in this style:

  3. Anonymous yes it is a lovely building always love passing by an just pull over sometimes an just think about all the employees that have been in an out of those doors just bring happiness to my heart my late father-n-law was one of those men my God Bless!!!!!