Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

I shot photos in the old part of downtown Hattiesburg a couple of Saturdays ago and had the best time! The photo above of a sign in a closed store is one of my favorite photos taken this year. I just love it! Foks, you can't make this stuff up!

A building had recently been torn down to reveal these two painted signs on the side of the adjoining building. I can just taste a Grape Nehi right now. I tried Royal Crown when I was younger but never did acquire a taste for it. But I do love those Moon Pies. (OK, only the old fogies out there will understand that last sentence!)

I shot gobs more pics I will show at a later time. Did you hug your loved ones and tell them that you loved them, as I asked yesterday? Make it a habit...


  1. I love the tomatoes sign, too, Marty. What a sense of humor! And the Saenger sign is beautiful. Wouldn't you love to see it turned on at night!

  2. I especially love this variety this morning---and uncovering the past is a wonderful thing, with the old faded paint and the precise lettering and the time-capsule of the old days. You capture the light and the feel of the place, including a rusty awning and an encroaching vine---symbolic of the passage of time.

    The tomatoes sign is quite apt---we're used to Jesus being in the middle of things, right OUT THERE, and it comes as a shock to a lot of people to see how welcome a Guest and how much a part of our lives and conversation and everyday doings He is.

    And the NEHI---mine was Nehi Peach, the bottle emerging dripping from the coldest ice water on Earth, and that color beyond jewels. I'd look at the sun through it between every swallow, til the whole bottle grew warm in my grubby hands. And I don't remember the taste very fondly---it was just that clear golden COLOR of it. Kids said it was made outa squoze-out peach seeds, so that made it quite daring to drink, with a little danger to it---everybody knew if you ate the kernel out of a peach pit, YOU WOULD DIE.

    Thank you SO much, my faraway friend, for these strolls through my past and all the places I've never seen, but know by heart anyway. I hope your heart is lightening from its burden, and I pray that tomorrow will give y'all the Peace Like a River, smoothing the way, soothing your soul.

  3. I love the tomatoes sign, and all the rest of these pictures. They make me homesick.

    There is nothing like a RC cola and a moonpie!!

  4. Marty,

    Great photos as usual. I love the new Hattiesburg images. The tomatoes and Jesus sign is wonderful!