Thursday, June 9, 2011

Saturday, May 21: Two days after the crest

 A bit of traveling has kept me away from the ol' blog, but here are some photos taken on Saturday, May 21, two days after the historic 57.1-foot crest of May 19. Water level at the time these photos were taken was 56.6. The photo above and below are of the Glass Road area.

 North of Vicksburg

 I have posted these aerial photos before, but doing it again to complete this day's shoot.

 These photos were from a ride aboard the Sweet Olive that my wife, Karen, and I took on Saturday afternoon, May 21. What a wonderful adventure! If you haven't ridden aboard the Sweet Olive, what are you waiting for?

 The Sweet Olive was not allowed to go downriver underneath the bridges, but we went upriver for quite a ways.

 This is the railroad track on North Washington Street across from the National Cemetery.

This bird is standing on one of the railroad tracks. I love this photo.

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