Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Culkin Academy

I  figured I better go shoot the icons that adorn Culkin Academy before the building is reclaimed by nature. The building now has been sitting empty for years along Culkin Road, although for a brief time some of the building was used for a worm farm. My friends over at the Preservation in Mississippi blog can probably tell me what style of building it is, but it has nice angles and even the post at the front door is very enticing. I hate to see the building go to waste. My children went to school here in the last years of its life as Culkin Elementary, so I have some sentimental attachment to the building.


  1. Thanks so much for posting these pictures! Culkin is such a great building--I'd call it Art Moderne, and a really good Art Moderne at that, designed by a Modernist master, E.L. Malvaney of Jackson (my nom-de-plume) and completed in 1942.

    I was so surprised to hear about its history as a worm farm! I don't think I know of any other building in the state used for a worm farm--will wonders never cease?

    I hate to see it just sitting there vacant.

  2. Christy went to school here as well Marty. She loves that building and has fond memories there.

  3. Thank you for these pictures! I went to school there in the 70's from 1st - 6th grade and then we moved.I was looking for pictures to show to my children where mom went to school. I haven't seen it in years! What a shame that it's vacant. I have many fond memories at Culkin.