Monday, March 1, 2010

Rodney Baptist Church

Jerry Rushing and Robert Walker, my good friends, photo-shooting buddies and Christian brothers, went with me to the historic town of Rodney, Mississippi, Saturday morning. The photos for the next several days will feature some of the sights that make the forgotten town such a wonderful place to photograph, starting with Rodney Baptist Church and its unique silver dome. On Tuesday, we go inside!


  1. Who would not feel the Spirit in such a gentle, sweet place? That open, friendly face of the church, the wide eyes open to the sun, and that graceful small steeple---what a wonderful sight for First Cup on a cold Monday!

    I'm looking forward to your photos, and theirs, if they'll be posting. I have great admiration for you and your two friends, and all your collective talents.

  2. As A child in the late 1960's, I attended sunday school at this church. We called it "Ms Ada's" church because Mrs. Ada Jackson used to run the sunday school lessons.