Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Up close

While out shooting Friday morning, I took these photos which, at first glance, reminded me of those microscopic photos of germs and such. But it is actually just frost on driftwood down near the Yazoo Canal. I took them while walking back from taking a photo of the towboat in the bottom photo. These may not be the most exciting photos in the world, but I thought they were pretty neat. Our God even takes time to make the frost look pretty.


  1. And you capture His handiwork so beautifully, Marty.

    I love the tugboat picture, with the mist rising from the water and the sun highlighting the trees -- like it was there just waiting for you.

  2. Your praise through image and words is a worthy offering, indeed.

    I especially love the next-to-last, and wonder what great storm or weight of years or lightning bolt has rent asunder such a great slice of mighty tree---the curls of splinter just lie there like fibers of torn fabric beneath the rime.

    And a one-time thing---none of the leaves or the pieces will ever be the same again as at that exact moment, their own freeze frozen by your lens. Magnificent.

  3. Love the tugboat photo. It reminds me of my going to watch them early in the morning with my grandfather in Greenville.