Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gingkos in the snow

Here are some more photos from Saturday morning, the day a light snow covered the ground of Vicksburg and, in this case, the Vicksburg National Cemetery. The cemetery is home to four of the prettiest gingko trees I have ever seen in my life. The rest of this week, I will be presenting other photos I took in the park Saturday morning. Next week, I want to show you other photos I took of the gingko trees from last week and Saturday afternoon. I can't wait to show 'em! Can you?


  1. Glorious pictures, Marty ... I can't wait to see more!

  2. There's a golden light to these which isn't often associated with snow on the ground.

    The pile of leaves, and the first picture in the Dec. 7 post both made me think of those wonderful shavings which curled off the tip of a brand-new yellow pencil, when we used the tiny plastic sharpeners with the small sharp blade.

    I can almost smell the piney #2 Ticonderoga now.

    NOW you're evoking SCENTS!! What's next?