Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Save the Sprague

Here is the sternwheel of The Sprague in the tangled vines between the Yazoo Diversion Canal and Washington Street. That's a smokestack in the foreground of the photo. More photos will run for the rest of the week to bring about awareness of this majestic piece of Vicksburg history that is rusting away on the outskirts of town. The more people find out about this, the better the chances something can be done to preserve what remains. I am one voice.

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  1. It's a sadness to see her just melting into the ground---I'll add my voice, though I know not where to shout it.

    She wasn't a streamlined, glossy beauty, but she had a shining self which spoke of purpose and strength. And that valiant red paint still shining after the years in the weeds---that's a spark of life which shouldn't be allowed to wink away. I'll bet those bolts are still too tight for a strong man to loosen.

    Scroll down to the last picture: