Saturday, May 22, 2010

A stroll in downtown Vicksburg


  1. I loved these, Marty. You are inspiring me to take a stroll downtown with my camera, too. There's always something new to discover, isn't there!

    By the way ... I just happened to pass by the old building with the Coke and Snowdrift signs the other day. It's so neat and I hope to go back sometime to get a shot of it.

  2. What a scrapbook you have! These are all so thought-provoking, and I think I'd cogitate most about the balcony with the purple doors. What tousled head might emerge to blink sleepily across that iron railing?

    Who chose those colors and is the owner possessor of such artistic flair in all facets of life?

    The mosaic carpet is just stunning. The store seems to be still in operation, and I hope they and their lovely threshold are there forever.