Friday, May 28, 2010

Rambling around Rolling Fork

Robert Walker and I rambled all around Rolling Fork last weekend. We can't get near that place without running by Mont Helena. I was in a sepia mood this past weekend and took this shot of the majestic house on the Indian Mound. Also pictured is what looks like a handmade cross on top of the Episcopal Church in Rolling Fork. The bird atop it literally had a bird's eye view of Deer Creek. The magnolias look pretty spectacular in sepia. Never would have thought so, but I was so wrong! The rest of the photos are from the inside of the Big Red Barn in Rolling Fork, including the massive hay loft. It's so big you could probably land a small plane in that space. I can only imagine what it looked like when it was filled with hay for the draft horses who resided below. This building is awesome. I am glad Robert and I took the time to shoot more photos here because on this trip back the house that sat upon the grounds has been knocked down. Also missing is an old gas pump that stood in a small field across the dirt road from the barn. No worries. I have lots of pictures of both.


  1. These photos are why you're one of the reasons that Old Times There won't be forgotten. Your archives are of as much import as any stored in vast buildings with gentle-fingered attendants barely touching the papers with their white-gloves.

    Old barns melting into the earth are one of our country's most impressive monuments, symbols of a way of life which has improved, but has lost so much in the changing.

    I Do hope you'll publish these someday.

  2. Looking at your pictures takes me back to some of my trips to the Delta, Marty, but seeing it from your perspective is always a pleasure. I have a picture of that old gas pump, too ... I wonder where it is now. Hopefully, not in a junk pile somewhere.