Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Old Coke machine

Before there were cans....


  1. Ahhh ... those were the days, Marty. When Cokes came in little glass bottles and only cost a dime. Cokes just don't taste as good now (or get as cold) as they did then, do they!

    We had one of those old treasures in mint condition, but sold it when we moved to Vicksburg, because we didn't have a place for it. Wish we had it back!

  2. Memories, memories. You know, that new-fangled progress seemed a step DOWN, somehow, from the big old red box with the smell of the galvanized lining when you opened the lid.

    A dip into that coldest-of-anything water with the floating ice hunks (Heaven knows what germs were in that water), then the SHHHHHHSSSSSHHHH open of the fizzing Coke.

    That first burny-cold swallow on a Mississippi day---there's no thousand-dollar wine to equal that experience.

    And with a pack of Planter's poured in---no gourmet restaurant could match THAT, either.