Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cash registers

Credit cards not accepted....


  1. These are just priceless, Marty. The sound of those keys ringing up a sale were a lovely part of childhood, for you were going home with good things in the bags.

    And I wonder how many people today remember or know where the sound for "money" originated---KA-CHING!

    That big drawer would slide out to its fanfare, and then the clop of the little spring cash-holders would signal that your bills had been safely stowed away.

    A count of the change for your purchase into your hand, (another custom gone by the wayside, for who now knows how to subtract purchase from money tendered in their head anymore?) a good old Southern "THANK YOU!" and you were out the flappy-screen door into the sunshine.

  2. Gosh, these take me back to childhood days. I can remember one cash register at a country store that was shiny brass and very decorative. I can also remember when that store closed all the things, sold off. By the time I worked in retail in college, cash registers had really changed along with the times.