Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A trip to New York City: Part 2

 Our adventure in New York City begins at the Empire State Building where I asked the taxi driver to take me. I immediately hopped on an open-top double-decker bus and started on the downtown tour. What you see here are photos I was shooting pretty much as fast as I could. Most are just street scenes, some artsy-tartsy. Plus during this adventure, you will see a couple of billboards that just wouldn't make the cut in Mississippi. Don't ask me where any of the photos were taken. I was just riding and taking in the scenes.


  1. How nice to experience a ride through the streets of New York City, captured only as you could capture it, Marty. I enjoyed Part I, too (especially the third picture of the bridge!)

  2. A Person-Eye view of everything is a great way to portray the city, and I look on those garnishes and carvings and building shapes (is that also a flatiron building---they're fascinating) are like ponderous pieces of art, sculpted by giant hands.

    We'll be going for the first time in the Fall---after our CA kids move there to finish her residency.
    Looking forward to some plain old strolling time, craning up like country-folk come to town.

    Good to see you back,