Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The American Queen is back

 The American Queen docked at City Front in Vicksburg this morning. Never thought I would see her here again. She was supposed to arrive at 8:30, but as usual, was here early this morning. I love this boat. She is leaving at 4, if anyone wants to go see her under steam power. Oh yeah, she also brought a bus. I spotted it riding around downtown this morning when I was leaving.


  1. My brother just called me from Jackson and reported the rain. It certainly shows up in the photo of the bus. I knew before I even clicked on the image to enlarge it that the little flicks of light were drops of rain hitting the pavement--we see that now and then up here in Portland.

    Your photos make me homesick for Mississippi, let me tell you!


  2. Well, I've looked at each photo at least three times now. The American Queen certainly is a beautiful sight to see. I hope every single time she's out and about that she's filled with people having a great time and workers proud to have a job. I also hope that every place she docks benefits mightily from her being there. Thanks again!