Monday, January 4, 2010

The last sunset of 2009

The last sunset of 2009.


  1. Nothing like the old year going out in a blaze of glory, is there, Marty! Those are truly incredible shots.

  2. Another of the "How Great Thou Art" moments you've shared with us all year.

    I can just see you out there in the pre-dawn, as the faintest thought of light begins to peek over the horizon---the mother-of-pearl sky glistening and warm steam of breath over coffeecup as you wait for the splendor. Then the glimmer begins, and like a great orchestra ready for the baton, the music of the sky starts softly, and in a swell of sound, the notes grow too sweet for our ears and eyes, til we're standing in amazement and awe.

    We're 8 degrees this morning, and I haven't even peeked out the windows yet---stay warm and keep posting these wonderful images, my friend.

  3. simply MAJESTIC! it leaves a very beautiful memory of 2009 and promises a hopeful new beginning :)