Friday, May 20, 2011

More from Day of the Crest

 Here is another set of photos taken on Thursday, May 19, the day the Mississippi River crested at 57.1 feet. These were taken mainly in the afternoon after work. The Lord gave me a beautiful sunset as a backdrop, just as he gave me a wonderful backdrop of white clouds that morning. You can see those in my post from yesterday. The photo above was taken driving west over the I-20 bridge and it shows how close the water got to the underside of the bridge.

 The photo above was taken from the Riverfront Park.
 Big River Shipbuilding

 All the homes above are on North Washington Street.
 Looking north. Taken from the parking lot of the Riverwalk Casino
 Taken from the parking garage of Ameristar

 Chickasaw Bayou Road

 North Washington Street and its HESCO bags
 Bethlehem M.B. Church on North Washington

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  1. Looks like the river wants the old boat back