Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A day full of living!

My friend, Robert Walker, and I went into the Mississippi Delta Saturday morning to see what we could find. Let's see now, there was the wonderful sunrise, the round barn at Lake Washington I had heard about, St. John's Ruins, the first ladybug of the season, an abandoned home on Lake Washington, an abandoned church, more alligators than I could count at Lake Chotard and along the levee, a farmer methodically spraying a field, and tons of great fellowship, plus breakfast at Chuck's in Rolling Fork. What a trip! What sights! All right around here! Wow!


  1. Quite a day, indeed! I'm so glad you went up into the Delta---I recognize several of the pictures, and of course, that scatter of rain-wrinkled paper on the beautiful old linoleum---that is a timeless, heart-touching scene.

    One of your best captures, ever.

  2. You always find the best stuff, Marty! What treasures ...

    I especially love the little white house and the round barn. What a glorious day you had!

    I hope you have a successful and fun day Saturday at the flea market, if you're going.