Thursday, March 24, 2011

Playing no more

Over the years, I have run across pianos in abandoned churches and old barns. If only they could talk as I ran my hands over their dusty keys to tell me about revivals and souls saved and little girls learning to play chopsticks. Pianos are one of the few things in which a person can express their soul through touching. A lot of souls were heard through these. But now they are silent. Life goes on, I guess....


  1. These are you absolute Masterpieces, Marty. And your words are as heart-touching as your photos.

    I'm going to come back to these often today, for one of these old pianos will be playing today in a little country church, far, far away from where I am---playing a Dear One Home.

  2. Nothing I can say can compare to Rachel's eloquent words, Marty. Beautiful sentiments and awesome pictures.

    My heart goes out to Rachel and her family in their loss. I still have chills from reading her precious words -- talk about "touching souls" -- you two have mastered the art.