Friday, April 30, 2010

Cigar boxes

I don't know what kids keep their stuff in these days, now that these things are such rarities. These are in an old store in Bovina, Miss.


  1. No Vuitton-emblazoned bag, no Prada purse, no enticement of the great stretches of pink and blue and red containers at Kit N Kaboodle could ever equal the secret allure of a hidden-away Roi Tan box, scented with mystery and holding great treasures.

    That's a thing to be cherished, kept for a lifetime and honored even in its old age of shoring-up with electrical tape and Elmer's.

    Cigar boxes are MAGIC.

  2. Oh, those are cool! We always had tons of the Roi-Tan boxes. They were perfect for storing treasures. I've got a wooden cigar box that I found in a bin at my mother's house, after she passed away. It is by far the coolest cigar box I've seen -- wood with brass hinges and embossed lettering on the sides.