Friday, April 2, 2010

Austin, Texas

All Texans should take pride in their State Capitol. What an impressive and well laid-out building, especially the underground extension that lies behind the capitol. I can't wait to go back and enjoy more of this great city! And I want to go back to Salt Lick BBQ!

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  1. Steve "Sandy" DavisMay 20, 2011 at 4:04 PM

    Marty: great pics! Ny cousin, Mike McNair, works for the Corps and sent these pics along with a flooding update. My Mother was born in VB and I still have many relatives there---a couple of them have evacuated their homes on Eagle Lake. So I appreciate the photos.
    Also enjoyed the ones of Texas State Capitol as I am native Texan. If you come back here, not too far from Austin is Lockhart--a place you should visit for 2 reasons: BBQ & the county courthouse. If you thought Salt Lick was good (it is!), just wait till you sample the que at Smitty's, Kreuz and Black's. Lockhart is known far & wide as the BBQ capitol of Texas (and, hence, the WORLD in my opinion). And the courthouse there is a photographer's dream. You just gotta go to Lockhart next time you're in Austin.