Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sunset on 12/30/08

When I walked out of work on Tuesday and saw the cloud formations overhead, I knew the Lord was going to be providing an awesome sunset for the world to see. He didn't disappoint. These photos were taken from the walkway located behind the new parking garage at Ameristar. I chose that spot because it brought the sun closest to the flag and I was able to use the bridge to obscure the electrical tower south of the bridges. The sky changed quickly as the sun settled and I was lucky to have a towboat and barges come by during the wait. I do my best not to get that tower in any of my photos I take of the bridge. But with the sun setting so far down the river, it's a challenge this time of year.


  1. Amazing! Bro, you have a true gift. Thanks for starting your blog. I look forward to checking it and being inspired by the greatness of God's creation as it is seen through your eye and lense. Keep the Faith! Scott

  2. These photos are amazing! I am such a fan! It is amazing how you can see potential when the normal, everyday person cannot! Keep up the GREAT WORK!