Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Steele Bayou near Eagle Lake

The trees of Steele Bayou are spectacular to me. They are absolutely majestic. I venture there quite often in the fall when there is plenty of color to reflect off the water. Such is the case with these two photos. Me and the cows that occupy the field next to the bayou have spent many an hour watching sunrises and sunsets at the bayou. Very peaceful place.


  1. Marty, your magnificent photographs are a testament to your many God-given talents and I am in awe of them and inspired by them.

    Your header photo is absolutely breathtaking and does indeed capture God's Glory to its Highest.

    I have added your blog to my list of favorites and will look forward to seeing more of your truly awesome photographs.



  2. Marty, these are amazing photographs! I found you from Janie's blog, and I am just awed. I love Vicksburg (my cousin is historian Gordon Cotton), and you have captured its beauty magnificently!

    I would love to put your blog on my blogroll if that's okay? I'd like to come back to visit.

    Here's wishing you all the best for 2009. May the Lord's richest blessings be yours!

    Sheila :-)

  3. Hello Marty, I came here via Janie's.

    Absolutely amazing photographs. I began a photography hobby around 2 years ago. I am so very impressed by your work! I would love to add you to my blog roll.

    Pat@Back Porch Musings

    Snapshots from the Back Porch is my photography blog.

    All the best in 2009!

  4. Hi Marty,

    I too am here from Janie's. You truly have a wonderful gift of capturing those pictures. I would like to visit your site again and hope it would be alright to add you to my blog list.


  5. Hi Marty,
    I'm one of Janie's friend! Your pictures are great! I will keep up with you!

  6. Hi Marty
    I also found you through Janie! Your photgraphs are amazing!

    I received a Nikon SLR camera as a Christmas present from my husband and I have so much to learn before I can use it well. Can you reccomned any good web sites or instructional photography blogs? What type of camera do you use?

    Looking forward to seeing more of your photgraphs!

    Pat in NY

  7. Marty, I found you through a wonderful blogger named Janie who featured your work on her blog. You do amazing work and I'm looking forward to keeping up with your beautiful photography.

    Please visit me if you can at


  8. Hi, Marty, I'm bj and so glad to know you.
    I came over from Janie's and i am sooo glad I did.
    Oh, My...what lovely work you do. You are right in that everyone does not have a talent to see things the way you do. One of my favorites, so far, is the old car with the torn covering....I love that. And, the church bench with the paper fan....I love the different subjects you use.
    I will add you to my blogroll and be back often...will also introduce you on my blog, for what it might be worth.
    Have fun with your time with God...HE surely must be having fun with YOU.
    xo bj

  9. Marty, I have long had a link to your SmugMug site on my "Favorites" at my blog called Mississippi Garden and I will now add this link as well. I have admired your magnificent photography for many years. Welcome to are off to a great start, and I thank you for sharing your wonderful photos of the beauty of Vicksburg and the surrounding area for all the world to enjoy.

    Jon at Mississippi Garden