Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A trip through the Delta

 My friends Robert Walker and Jerry Rushing and I drove into the Mississippi Delta Saturday morning, something we have not done in a while. It felt great to be with two wonderful friends. We also visited a few "friends," sites we have documented in the past. We also found a few more sites, including some old homesteads in Anguilla.

 I have not taken many photos lately because I have been so frustrated with how bad my vision was becoming. But the removal of a cataract on Tuesday has renewed my lease on life and you should expect more pictures from me this year than in the last couple of years. I am excited to be back!

This is the old Chapel of the Cross Church in Anguilla. Another photo of the church  is at the end of this post

 We took in a beautiful sunrise in a pecan orchard in Egremont.

 I turned around from the beautiful sunrise and found this gorgeous moon waiting for me.

 In an old cemetery in Egremont.

 New Bethlehem M.B. Church in Egremont.

 Even the veneer coming off the front door of the church made for an interesting pattern.

 One of my favorite places to visit, Mont Helena in Rolling Fork.

 The piano is still inside the old church at Mont Helena. We couldn't belive it withstood the stiff winds that blew across the Delta on Saturday morning.

 The photos below were taken on a road we found that went to an old cemetery on the outskirts of Anguilla.  We could not find anyone to tell us about the cemetery or these tractors and old homes.

A homemade road grader. Is this cool or what?

 The black and white photos below were taken in an old homestead that was on the road with the cemetery. It was a humbling experience to walk into the home and see remnants of a past generation.

 I consider the photo above to be one of the best photos I have ever taken. I love the composition and the natural lighting was just perfect. The subject matter of the old clothes spilling out of the trunk against tar paper walls and the well-worn wooden floor is a story that I wish I could hear. I absolutely love this photo.

The four photos below are of another cabin in Anguilla that shows cardboard nailed onto the walls for added insulation. I felt the chill just by looking at the walls and it was another reminder of how blessed I am to have the home that I have.

 I love the little town of Nitta Yuma and the winter months has exposed the sign for the abandoned Nitta Yuma post office.


  1. Oh, Marty,

    This has just been like the loveliest of old times---back in the days when we could look forward to your scenes and vignettes almost every day.

    I've been smiling all the way through these familiar old scenes, and you KNOW I stopped and looked at the old piano keys for a long time.

    But that old suitcase, with the clothes just hanging, as if the owner was getting dressed for a special occasion and just disappeared---that tells SUCH a story.

    Thank you for sharing all these adventures and beautiful images---I'm SO glad you're back, and since I've been looking at the world through your lens for quite some time now, I'm especially glad that you're also able to look clearly at this beautiful world again.

    Best to you and all your family,


  2. I was delighted to see your name at the top of my blog list this morning, Marty. Welcome back!

    I'm so glad your cataract surgery was successful and you can share your awesome pictures with us again. These new pictures from the Delta are especially poignant and should be shared in a book, along with the rest of your Delta photos. No one can capture the heart and soul of those days-gone-by like you can ...