Friday, July 22, 2011

Baltimore, Maryland

 Got to spend some time in Baltimore, Maryland, last week and enjoyed my walkabouts in downtown and around the Inner Harbor. The mixture of old and new throughout the area was interesting.

 I found this owl underneath some scaffolding of a building under renovation. The whole front of the building was covered by this ornamentation.

 The Bromo Seltzer tower was probably the tallest structure in the area for quite a while, but is now dwarfed by skyscrapers in the area.

 All the old buildings retain their original exteriors but the interiors have been repurposed. This building, above, was closed but its last occupant was the Dubai Nightclub.

 Some ornate brickwork on one of the buildings downtown. I wonder how it would look if it could ever get a good scrubbing?
 This Catholic Church was swallowed up by the skyscrapers around it.

 I loved these two guys holding up this building. I would have a cramp by now.

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