Saturday, January 1, 2011

Save the Sprague

As has become a tradition on my blog at the start of a new year,  I once again appeal for the people of Vicksburg to rise up and do what they can to save the Sprague. The remains of the famous sternwheeler lie in tangled vines on Washington Street near downtown. Most people passing by the historical remnants of Vicksburg's past have no clue how important a role the boat, a world record holder in steamboat lore, has in the heritage of our town. But for another year, it has been subjected to the elements and rust has had another year to gnaw at the once proud lady of the river.

I know all of the rusted pieces cannot be saved, but just close your eyes when you finish reading this and picture in your mind the sternwheeer section, pictured in the top photos, if was outfitted with new paddles and placed in a pool of water and allowed to show its majesty for all to see. Place a motor alongside the sternwheel and just think of how people would marvel at the size of the sternwheel as it churned the water. It would be an awesome sight!

Spread the word, my friends. I know not many people come to this blog, but leave a comment if you stumble across this post. Let others know of the plight of the Sprague. Let's save her before Mother Nature takes her or she is cut up and taken for scrap. We cannot let that happen. This piece of Vicksburg heritage can be saved; it can be a showpiece for the city; and it can serve the people of Vicksburg for years to come.

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  1. It's so very sad to see any proud tradition, building, machine or era just melting into the earth, whilst people stroll past without heeding.

    I applaud your cause and your efforts, and hope that you're heard. It would be a great and wonderful thing to see the pieces come together, if only to be retrieved from the elements into a museum.

    Such a heritage and history and legacy must be preserved, for some things will never be again, and once lost, no manner of regret will soothe or retrieve.

    I SO hope your quest is successful---you are to be commended for an undertaking of such difficulty and merit.