Monday, October 18, 2010

Hay field at sunrise

My brother-in-law, Justin Moudy, told me about the abundance of hay located on the Ferris Farm on Fisher Ferry Road Friday and I drove down there Saturday morning to see for myself. It was the most hay I had ever seen in one field. I enjoyed the early morning respite as I watched the fog settle in the low points of the fields and then burn off as the sun rose. The golden glow on the haybales was mesmerizing as well.  That's some kind of beautiful land down that way.


  1. What a lovely portrayal of a cycle as old as we can imagine!

    I especially like (counting up from the bottom) #3, #7 and #8. They resemble my idea of a great tent-encampment of soldiers or knights, with the front flaps aglow from a golden lantern inside.

  2. Marty, these photos are stunning!


    Sheila :-)