Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sermons of Hwy. 27

I am fascinated by a ministry along Hwy. 27 between Georgetown and Monticello. He or she has or had been called to post religious messages along the roadside. Just little notes, really. I have seen them for years but only took the time this past weekend to document all of them that I could get to. I would like to talk to whoever did this, but I couldn't find out any information. There is a small place on the road where many signs appear, it looks like what was a campground and picnic area, and I will show those at the end of the series. But for the next few days, may I present the Sermons of Hwy. 27.

1 comment:

  1. I love these, and all the signs unshamedly posted on small roads(except, of course, those horrific billboard faces exclaiming about hell, which scare any little kids in the car).

    I always want to know about the folks who take their time to do such things, for the benefit of strangers. And I wonder how they choose the texts and the subjects; I suppose short, to-the-point signs are best, for reading in a hurry.

    I sorta sometimes think of these as the Believers' Burma Shave campaign, and much longer lasting.