Thursday, July 22, 2010

The touch of the Master's hand

I ran across this photo last night and its simplicity just grabbed me. It sits in an old church in Louisiana that has seen its congregration dwindle down to under 10 members. The piano is no longer played. But I can't help but think of how God worked his love into the hearts of mortal men through music from this keyboard. To me, this keyboard is holy ground for it served the Lord's purpose. I left this place in reverence.

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  1. Oh, Marty!

    I looked and looked for one of your pianos last night when I was posting today's LT---I could not navigate through your landscape as well as I used to.

    So, it's like it's meant to be---this one you posted this morning. I've added it to today's post, and SO appreciate your gracious free hand with your beautiful work.

    It's exactly what I was thinking of.

    Thank you!